As a practicing Christian, Gar has often looked for ways to allude to matters of faith in even his most hardboiled work.  But IN THINGS UNSEEN – his latest and most surprising novel – is his first attempt to explore in full the subject of God’s existence and role in the modern world.

Best described as a “faith-based novel of suspense,” IN THINGS UNSEEN is the story of an unexpected miracle: the resurrection of a little boy who dies in a freak car accident, only to return to his bed eight months later, alive and well and oblivious to his death.  It’s the answer to his mother Diane’s prayers.

Or is it?

Because this isn’t quite the miracle Diane was asking for.  Not only has her son Adrian forgotten that terrible accident in Lakeridge Park eight months ago, but the entire world has, as well.  With the exception, that is, of Diane and three other people.

Over the next six days, these four must struggle to understand what Adrian’s return to the living means, and why God Himself would choose them, and them alone, to play witness to it.

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