When seven year old Adrian Edwards reappears in his bed one night, alive and well and oblivious to his death in a freak car accident eight months before, it’s the answer to his mother Diane’s prayers. Or is it? Because this isn’t quite the miracle Diane was expecting. Not only has her son forgotten that terrible day in Lakeridge Park, but the entire world has, as well – with the exception, that is, of Diane and three other people. Over the next six days, these four must struggle to understand what Adrian’s return to the living means, and why God Himself would choose them, and them alone, to play witness to it.
Ronnie Deal is a drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood movie executive having a really bad day when she takes beer bottle in hand to stop homicidal thug Neon Polk from putting a fatal beat down on little Antsy Carruth at the Tiki Shack bar. Antsy stole twenty-five grand from Neon’s drug-dealing boss and Ronnie’s intervention has cost Neon a big finder’s fee, not to mention cut his pride to the quick. Naturally, he seeks revenge.
But what Neon doesn’t know is that people in The Business don’t call Ronnie “Raw Deal” for nothing, and with the help of ex-con and aspiring screenwriter Ellis Langford, she’s going to show Neon there’s more than one way to make a killing in Tinseltown.
A beautiful and resourceful pregnant lady only weeks from her due date; the charming but disingenuous Dallas Cowboy who fathered the baby; a white sadist who thinks he’s black; and a Superbowl betting slip worth a potential $1.25 million come together in a roller coaster ride of dark humor and suspense.
When his old friend R.J. Burrow is brutally murdered in Los Angeles, Errol ‘Handy’ White must return from exile to attend the funeral, certain that a terrible secret is about to reveal itself.
Twenty-six years earlier, Handy, R.J. and O’Neal Holden were three young thieves who pulled a heist that went horrible awry, and Handy’s been waiting to pay for it with his life ever since. Was R.J.’s killing related to the tragedy lurking in the trio’s past? Handy won’t go back home until he knows the answer – even if it means putting himself next in line for a bullet.
Joe Reddick is a hard-nosed Florida cop who flees to Los Angeles to rebuild his shattered life after his wife and two children are brutally murdered. Seven years later, haunted by the tragedy in his past, he’s already primed to explode when a quartet of wealthy gangster-wannabes, trying to ensure his silence regarding an auto accident that could link them to murder, lean on him in the worst way possible: by threatening his new wife and child.
Big mistake.
Because Reddick’s already lost one family to a crazed killer, and he’s not going to let it happen again.